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HIFU for renal denervation

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for tissue ablation at large depth (kidney). Action-Physics collaborated with customer from conceptual design, acoustic field modeling and bio-heat transfer calculations, through detailed design and prototype manufacturing, to preclinical and clinical trials.

Twin Piezo motor

Miniature low-frequency motor for stone fragmentation via the onset of acoustic cavitation. The low footprint of the device is adequate for minimally invasive procedures. Action-Physics provided conceptual design, finite-element simulations, detailed design and prototype manufacturing. The project concluded in proof-of-concept experiments and scientific publication.

Ultrasonic comb

Ultrasonic comb for the consumer market, for the eradication of head lice by safe ultrasonic energy. Action-Physics provided the design and build of the first revolutionary working prototype, and participated in proof-of-concept experiments.

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Dr. Harel Primack
“Shmuel was hired as a consultant to our company on the subject of designing ultrasonic transducers. Since our requirements were quite unique, we needed a creative consultant that will assist us. Shmuel was exactly this person. Read More

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